Project Management tasks: On Command

Don't hire a body: Buy the outcome!


Every project has critical deliverables that absolutely, positively have to be done right! Perhaps your project doesn’t have all the skills needed? Or perhaps these critical deliverables could use a second opinion? 


Every project has “orphan” tasks. Tasks that have no-one to do them when they are needed. 


But perhaps everyone’s too busy?


Or maybe it’s timing: a completed deliverable can add real value if it’s completed right at that “sweet spot”, but the value is soon gone if you have to wait. 


This is where can help. Let PMOBots do those tasks for you, on command, with high impact and low friction.

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Problems for every PMO

Lack of Key Skills & Cost Containment


This was highlighted in a recent study commissioned by the APM:


– 32% of surveyed businesses cited “Getting access to enough people with the right project management skills and capabilities”


– 39% cited “Cost pressures leading to severe cost containment efforts” 



PMOBots is at least a partial solution to some of these problems. 

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PMOBots Services

PMOBots do project management tasks


PMOBots can do any project management task that can be completed in a review-based cycle, using input information from you.




– Document Review

– Schedule Creation or Migration

– Report Development

– PM Data Analytics

– Project Status Assessment

– Budget Development


There’s practically no limit on what our PMOBots can do.


You provide the information, we check with you on what you want.  We do the work and then we review the results with you


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Our talented Project Manager PMOBots

Benefit from decades of hard-won experience


Currently, the bots on are human (our “Bodies of Talent”).



All of the human PMOBots have decades of solid project management experience, enabling you to benefit from this experience at a fraction of the cost of hiring them as a contractor or employee.


For PMOBots, even the hardest tasks can be done quickly and relatively easily, due to this extensive experience base.


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