PMOBots Products & Services

PMOBots can perform just about any project management “command” we are given.

PMOBots perform “transactional” services based on a review cycle.

Here’s how it works: You provide the source material, we check with you on what you want.  Then we do the work and review the results with you.  if any updates are required after the review, we make them and send you the results.

Initially, we have scoped out only the Project Document Review Service (see below).

But use the “Contact Us” form to request a different service.



Project Document Review Service

Send us a project document, and we’ll review it according to multiple criteria, and provide you with high-value feedback, all within 24 to 48 hours.

The document could be any project-related document, e.g. a project schedule, a specification, a vendor proposal or contract*, or a budget or resource profile.

You will be able to rapidly evaluate the document’s quality and fitness for purpose, and action specific recommendations that we provide to improve the effectiveness of the document for purpose.

We’ll review the document against multiple criteria, including:

  • Quality criteria according to the nature and purpose of the document
  • specific criteria that you define

When you order this service, you can provide us with an initial set of comments, requirements and assessment criteria.  Before we start the review, we’ll contact you with a suggested list of evaluation steps and criteria based on your inputs and our general understanding of the document’s purpose.  E.g. it could be a schedule, or a vendor proposal.  or a specification or report.

Whatever type of project document it is, PMOBots will be able to help you make it more fit-for-purpose.

If you need more information on the Project Document Review Service, please use the Contact Us form.

 * Note: we do not offer legal services and are not qualified to offer legal advice.  We can, however review a draft contract for consistency and provide feedback on any practical problems that may be evident to us on how the contract may achieve intended project objectives.

Project Quality Assessment Service

The PMOBots Project Assessment Service will produce a rigorously objective review of about the state of each project; to assess its ultimate business benefit and execution viability.

To kick off this service, you initially provide us with the key project documents, for example, project initiation or startup documents, specifications, and recent execution documents, such as project reports, schedules, issues and risk logs and similar. If these documents are not all available, the PMOBot may need an initial consultation to flesh out the project context and status interactively.

Our PMOBot will onboard a wide range of information about the project under review and perform a rapid quality assessment, using a multi-factor assessment model designed to provide a thorough and objective quality score.

In addition to the quality score, PMOBots will provide specific recommendations based on the artefacts and other information that you provided.

The Project Assessment Service is not a detailed root-and-branch review of every aspect of the project. It is a high-quality rapid scan qualitative and quantitative assessment by a project expert that will enable sponsoring organisations to triage projects in a portfolio for further work: Stop Now, Investigate further, or continue.

If you need more information on the Project Document Review Service, please use the Contact Us form.